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“Our success is based on our service to others, not at the expense of others”


    Incorporated in Australia in 2011, Podular SEQ Pty Ltd are extremely passionate about helping both businesses and consumers alike. For this reason, we are dedicated to shining a light on the exciting space.


    Both B2B and B2C, our primary mission is to expand the ever-growing interest of high-quality products and services, through innovative social media outreach.

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    Showcasing real-life video stories, featured articles, factory tours and interviews… a multitude of suppliers, products and services to the millions of savvy global consumers.

Why Podular XYZ

Podular™ is a play on the words Modular and Pre-Fab. The XYZ domain is our attempt to convey that we cover almost everything and any business in our space! Of course, we can’t cover everything, that’s why this unique peer to peer portal with collaborative content from Members