5 Essentials for Profitable Dorms and Student Accommodation Post Covid

Experts are optimistic about one thing despite the shake-up the pandemic caused in the student housing sector: Renewed demand! Education won’t be exclusively online. Parents, educators, and students understand the value of physical classes and being able to communicate with teachers and peers directly. At the same time, a lot of specialized courses, such as […]

$5,000 Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package Victorian Government Business Grant

The Victorian Government is Offering a $5,000 Grant for Victorian businesses to help adapt their operations to outdoor dining. The Program is open for applications until funds ($58M) are exhausted or until 11.59 pm on 11 December 2020, whichever is earlier. We Guarantee* the Success of your Victorian Government Outdoor Dining Grant!You pay no fees [...]

Would You Live in Stacked Containers?

  One of the big advantages of using shipping containers for housing is that they are modular, and manufactured in a way that makes them easy to stack up.  Stacking shipping containers up to create more living space is a good alternative to placing them side by side and cutting structurally-compromising holes in them.  IMAGE […]

Journey Into Modular and Prefab

Information Modeling (BIM)Industry 4.0 TechInformation Modeling (BIM) Advanced manufacturing processes and just-in-time delivery are just some of the developments that have changed the prefab industry. Increased adoption of digital tools, along with design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) principles, will further enhance prefab’s value proposition. Industry 4.0 Tech The rise of new digital industrial technology, [...]

Benefits of Modular and Prefab

Increased availability: Construction companies are increasingly turning to modular construction for some part of their projects. Some 35 percent of construction companies are incorporating prefabrication into building design, according to information from the management construction firm FMI. FMI also noted 40 percent of firms are using prefabrication and expected to use it more in the future. [...]