Hotels and Quarantine Facilities Needed Urgently

Earn 10% Plus – Annually!

Minimum 6 Year Lease-Back


If you own or have access to vacant land or an existing building in a prime location, and have an appetite to earn regular income, follow these simple steps

Site Assessment

We’re particularly focused on Australasia, UAE and South East Asia, but open to  other geographical locations. Simply Email us as much information you can, for example Title Deed, Site Plan, Google Location Link and most importantly, a Brief.

Concept plans

We’ll identify the most suitable use (Example Student Quaters, Pet Hotel, Capsule Hotel or Quarantine Facility ect) and also talk to our big brand partners (i.e. Red Doorz, Oyo and Red Planet). Then we’ll provide an initial concept drawing to discover the estimated number of rooms. A small fee applies

Initial Projections

We’ll provide you a FREE initial revenue projection based on estimated number of rooms and information we’ve gathered above.

Architectural Design

We’ll issue you a no obligation Fee Proposal that covers the cost of a detailed Architectural Plan (Starting at $500  depending on varying factors)

Construction Estimate

Now we’re ready to lock down some fixed costs with the information we’ve gathered by using a tendering process. You can do this yourself or we can.

Financial Feasibility

Our inhouse accountants provide a detailed and sophisticated Financial Feasibility. This tool forms the beginning of the financial business plan


This will be your asset – not ours. Consider what funds you’ll use. If you need finance, there’s a good chance we can direct you to the right lenders or partners to co-invest.


Once both parties agree in principal, contracts such as Rental, Supply and Construction are signed concurrently. In some cases, a Heads of Agreement is first drafted. Note you’ll need to pay for your own legal costs.


Construction generally takes 3 to 9 months. Investor Funds required are drawn down as milestones are met (to avoid risks). At the conclusion, you’ll be in a position to sit back and enjoy the indicative returns of generally 10% plus (and watch the value of your asset grow)


Waterfront Place, Level 21/1 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia.


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